Dear Friends,

I would like to first thank everyone who have reached out to offer help. During the research over the past few weeks, we have found out that most of the major hospitals located inland were left untouched and they are back to full operation, depending on the degree of electricity recovery. On the contrary, some of those hospitals at the coastal regions are severely damaged and need to be rebuilt from scratch. They need brand new equipments and if there is someone who can donate these, this will be wonderful. We are more than happy to arrange the matching.

The remote reading we planed is not yet in operation. This is something that we initially thought to be potentially necessary to give some relief to the busy physicians at front line. It turns out that the demand is not yet high, and we have a gut feeling that we can probably handle this depending on our own manpower in Japan. Therefore, we will temporarily close the registration page on the Internet. We nevertheless would like to express our deepest gratitude to those who have registered from abroad. Below we would like to list those who have volunteered to express our appreciation.

Once again we would like to thank all of you for wonderful bonds of friendship.

April 26, 2011

Kimiyoshi Mizunuma MD
President of Japanese College of Radiology (JCR)

Nationality Name
Australia Yvonne Ho
Belgium Stefan Sunaert
Belgium Van Robaeys Frederique
Belgium De Keukeleire
Belgium Emmanuel Agneessens
Belgium Devos
Belgium Luc Ketele
Belgium Stefaan Gryspeerdt
Germany Thomas Kahn and department team
Germany Oliver Schulte
Germany Thomas Solbach
Germany Thorsten Klink
Germany Jochen Dick
India Sandhya Madhu Menon
Italy Davide Caramella
Italy G. Sparacia
Korea Seung-Koo Lee
Singapore Cher Heng Tan
Singapore Kenneth Sheah
Singapore Ian Tsou
Singapore Tchoyoson Lim
Singapore Le Roy Chong
Singapore Robert Kwok
Singapore Hui Seong Teh 
Singapore Vas Metupalle
Singapore Howe Tse Chiang
Singapore  Llewellyn Sim
Singapore Kiang Hiong Tay
Singapore  Bien Soo Tan
Switzerland Mathias Mueller
Switzerland Michael Vollmer
Taiwan Wan-Yuo, Guo
USA Eric Weinberg
USA Bennett Katsumi Abe
USA Steven P. Meyers
USA David S. Enterline
USA Sundeep M. Nayak
USA Garry Choy
USA Albert Joseph Borelli
USA Terry Brown
USA Robert Bard
USA Jennifer Weaver
USA Robert Lapidus
USA Sundeep Nayak
USA Garry Choy
USA Peter H. Takeyama
USA Albert Joseph Borelli, Jr.
USA, Israel Einat Blumfield

Secretariat of JCR
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